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Besides numerous project-related collaborations, ZADIK maintains long-term cooperations with the following institutions:

Department of Art History | University of Cologne

Within the long-term, close cooperation between ZADIK and the Department of Art History at University of Cologne, ZADIK offers courses each semester mainly with the focus ‘Art Market’ in the master's program ‘Art History’. A special characteristic of all courses is a high practical relevance, which is made possible by working on site with the archival material. The students are regularly involved in ZADIK’s current research and communication projects, e.g., scientific blogs, archival exhibitions, or other publication formats.

Further information about the courses. (EAN) (EAN) is a network of contemporary art archives. The institution’s aim is to connect art archives across Europe and to allow location-independent access to their specific collections. Through one central search engine relates all partner databases, making available a wide range of data on artists, their activities, as well as sources such as photos and texts. provides a central access point to the wealth of information art archives offer. It is dedicated to artists, curators, researchers and those interested in the specific collections of art archives in the 21st century.

Established in 2002, is an EU-funded project organized in several partnerships. All participating institutions have made it their mission to collect materials on contemporary art and to preserve it for the future, in order to make it accessible. also sees itself as a platform for professional exchange and transfer of experience and knowledge to other contemporary art archives. Currently, there are twelve international art archives in this network, whose holdings fill the meta search engine with over 330,000 individual listings, including ZADIK.